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    Post  Leeroy Samurai on Thu Jun 03, 2010 11:17 am

    just some concerns i want to put out here:
    please be sensable with your health and shields: the base health for every lvl 1 char is 100 and is increased by 20 the further down the race list you go (Super Soldier Human gets +20 spartan MK I +40 spartan MK II +60 Spartan MK III +80) and just as a side note every lvl onward from 1 your health increases by 10+ END modifier, as for your shields it is always Half of your total Health (not including the Modifier) Spartans get 2/3 shields of their health humans dont get any at all unless they are part of the Special Forces (SFAI)

    when roleplaying dont just skip streight ahead to the quest point you MUST roleplay the journey unless i (the game master) specifically say that time is skipped to a certain point

    dont be suprised if your posts suddenly dissapear or change i will be monitering and editing accordingly what you try to do so it suits the situation better, also try not to skip ahead of your turn in combat please be patient so we can get all the rolls out of the way without confusion i will make a post in combat saying -Next Turn-> sunny-111 for example to allow you to know when that turn is over and who is next, also dont be suprised if i play multiple chars i will also be playing the enemies so i will do -Grunt 1- when playing enemies

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