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    Weapons and their details

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    Weapons and their details Empty Weapons and their details

    Post  Leeroy Samurai on Thu Jun 03, 2010 3:02 pm

    Magnum-fires 1 shot (normal roll rules)
    12 rounds/Magazine
    Battle Rifle- 1 shot per attack (1/3 or more to suceed, to hit-medium, to hit-long rolls)
    36 rounds/Magazine
    Assault Rifle- 6 shots per attack (1/3 roll or more to suceed, to hit-Medium, to hit- Short rolls) 3x damage
    32 rounds/Magazine
    Sniper Rifle-1 shot per attack (1/3 or more to suceed, to hit-long, rolls)
    4 rounds/Magazine
    Rocket Launcher-1 rocket per attack (normal roll rules)
    2 Rockets/Launch assembly
    Spartan Lazer-1 shot per attack (Sniper roll rules)
    5 shots/charge
    Shotgun-1 shot per attack (5 hits close range only other wise 1x hit, 1/3 or more to suceed, to hit close, rolls) 5x damage (conditional)
    6 8 Gauge Shells
    SMG-8 shots per attack (same rules as assault rifle) 4x damage
    60 rounds/Magazine

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