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    Stats and their Effects

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    Stats and their Effects Empty Stats and their Effects

    Post  Leeroy Samurai on Thu Jun 03, 2010 10:44 am

    STR: this judges your ability to carry items and your melee damage (starting from 6 for +0 and increases by 1 point per every 2 further STR points)
    AGI: judges your position in the turns order and your accuracy with guns (same as above)
    END: judges your Ability to take punishment and Damage Reduction (same as above, each modifier increases yur health and shields accordingly and reduces incoming damage acoordingly this can also turn against you)
    INT: well... your ability to use compicated explosives and systems (posotive modifiers required to use explosives: note grenades are the only exception, and systems)
    WIS: your judgement on the situation (allows you to do an Insight roll when you feel something is not right)

    now as players you have a limit to how many points you can devote to your attributes when doing your stats for the first time you have 10 points to spread out as you then you must find your own balance between them for every lvl beyond that you get 3 additional points to assign to any 3 or less stats (yes you can place all 3 in one stat if you wished) alternatively you can elect to use them up to increase the grade of your rank (note to upgrade your rank it requires 3 points to improve 1 grade e.g recruit -> recruit grade 1)

    when Assigning initial points please go to the level up zone and make a thread called "<insert your character name here> Initial Stats Assignment" and for every lvl beyond that name them "<insert name here> Level <New Lvl here> Stats Assignment"

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